Make Models provides quick and affordable laser cutting service for students, architects, designers and artists. Our machine’s bed size is 1200mm x 900mm.  Estimated turnaround for most orders is 24- 48 hours. Expedited pricing may apply.

1 - Download our template, available in .ai / .3dm / .dwg here

2 - Fill out the form in the link below:

3 - Confirm the quote.

4- Send confirmation of payment to


Latest Laser Cutting materials and Prices.

Make Models endeavors to make sure all materials are the correct thickness, however no two sheets are ever the same due to manufacturing tolerances. Please make sure you allow for material tolerances in your files. If you are concerned about precise thicknesses, please ask one of our friendly staff for assistance.


Laser cutting prices are based on the length of cuts for each material. Make sure you run the seldup/make2D command to avoid excess charges. 

  • A 10% discount exists for any order of four sheets or more of any material, and students receive an additional 20% off.
  • We offer competitive price matching. T&C apply



Download one of our templates available in .ai / .3dm / .dwg

1 - Define your material boundary. Refer to our material list.

2 - Label each sheet with the material TYPE and THICKNESS.

3 - Ensure you leave a minimum 5mm border between the material edge and your elements.

4 - To avoid any errors or extra charges ($$$) make sure you run the 'Seldup' and 'Make2D' command.

5 - Place your objects on the 5 designated layers of absolute RGB values that we we have provided. See "Tips and tricks in our templates" for explanations.

Black - 0/0/0 = Material Boundary

Blue - 0/0/255 = Score

Green - 0/255/0 = Cut 1

Red - 255/0/0 = Cut 2

Magenta - 255/0/255 = Cut 3