Job Openings

Listed 21/09/2019

Casual Fabricator and Model Maker

Weโ€™re looking for a passionate and energetic maker to join our model making and fabrication team! We encourage applicants that can make an immediate start and are currently available to work a minimum of 3 days a week. If you think this sounds like you, please consider applying.

Cut off dates for applications close on 28/09/2019

We're looking for a hardworking and confident maker to assist in the operation of fabrication machines like laser cutters whilst having a passion and skill with model making and 3D modelling. Does this sound like you?

Ideal personal qualities weโ€™re looking for in applicants

  • You are a confident worker capable of working independently

  • You are somebody who is excited about getting hands on and messy in a fast paced workshop environment

  • You value efficiency and take personal satisfaction in achieving a lot throughout the day

  • You donโ€™t like working in a messy environment and are proactive with the self initiative to find ways o be productive throughout the day

  • You are vocal about opportunities to excel, grow and improve your workplace

  • You pride yourself on a high attention to detail

  • You are a confident communicator in dealing with people and clients


While we don't want to discount any candidates, there are some key skills we're looking for which we will prioritize in reviewing applications:

  • Experience having used a laser cutter, either as a student or professionally

  • Strong Rhino modelling Skills, either as a student or professionally

  • Skills in model making, either as a student or professionally

Application Requirements:

  • All applications need to be filled out via the link below.

  • The link will ask you to provide access to your resume and/or portfolio via a shareable link.

  • We encourage applicants to not devote too much time to perfecting their portfolios with perfect layouts, as the job values physical making outputs

We look forward to hearing from you!


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