DA Model Making Services

our da models:

Make Models regularly works with many councils around Australia to deliver detailed and accurate representations of architectural designs, often required as part of the submission process for development application approval. Our accurate workflow, reliable turn around times and high quality craftsmanship, make us industry leaders in DA model physical submissions.

Councils we regularly work with include but aren’t limited to Woollahra, Waverly, Hunters Hill, Northern Beaches Council, Rockdale, Randwick, Liechardt and many more.


our lead times:

Genearally our DA models take 2-3 weeks to turn over from handover of final files and deposit to commence work until completion. We can accommodate models within a shorter time frame, however this often comes at a greater expense!



Q. What do you need to quote a DA model?

1) Its best to provide an accurate 3D model or if this isn’t available, a drawing set.

2) A landscape plan indicating what foliage and shurbs you require.

3) Your preferred style of model eg; timber base, white base, natural trees, metal etched trees or preferred package.

Q. Can you quote off incomplete information?

1) We can supply you with an estimate that will be subject to review when we receive the final files off you.

Q. What if we don’t have an accurate 3D model?

1) Not a problem, we are skilled 3D modellers and also trained architects that can generate your model off a drawing set.

Q. We haven’t finalised our design yet, can you start on the model?

1) We can start on the context components of the model prior to the final design being sent through, however this doesn’t speed up the process. The proposed building is the most time consuming part of the process.

Q. what are your turn around times?

1) Each package has different file prep and productions times. Generally each model takes 2-3 weeks, however larger models or models that require more detail can take 3-4 weeks.

Q. Can we get our DA model faster than your average 2-3 week turn around time?

1) Yes there are options for express services. These result in increased fees for file prep and production.

Q. What is the process from start to end?

1) We receive 2D or 3D files + landscape information.

2) We remodel the site for CNC milling, the context buildings for 3D printing and the proposed for 3D printing.

3) We send you digital images for sign off on the model design and representation.

4) After the approval process is complete, we commence fabrication.

5) We send process images when the model is 75% complete and then final images for approval prior to dispatching the model.

Q. What happens if the design undergoes changes?

1) If we haven’t commenced fabrication (3D printing and CNC milling) then we can make changes to the design. This would fall under our regular amendment charges of $120.00 + GST an hour.

2) If we have been given approval to commenced fabrication, then physical components may also need to be made which will result in material costs.